Baijiu Traditions

China's National Drink

Like Scotch is in Scotland, Baijiu is China's national drink. In the long history of China, Baijiu is used to connect one's soul with Qi-the energy of the universe. Baijiu's unique brewage brings health benefits along with its distinctive aroma and tastes. Once called ShaoJiu ("hot liquor"), Baijiu is known as Shochu in Japanese and Soju in Korean.

The World's Oldest Spirit

Older than vodka, whisky, rum, brandy, gin, and tequila, Baijiu can be traced back 7000 years. The earliest archeological evidence was from the Han Dynasty (25-220 AD).

The World's Most Popular Spirit

Leading the global market with 31% of the market share, the largest number of consumers, and the highest production, Baijiu is, no doubt, No. 1 in the world. Vodka, the second largest category, accounted for only 19%. (2009 McKinsey & Co.)

Baijiu Traditions

The Chinese believe that Baijiu helps one be brave, wise, creative, and connect with the universe. China's history is full of stories related to Baijiu: